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SEO vs. Google Ads – which is more relevant today?

As a business owner, you aim to let people know that your brand exists. You need to capture your potential customers, and one of the best ways to make this happen is for you to get your website rank on search engines, especially Google, the number 1 search engine. Going through this, you will face a lot of challenges. Should you go for organic traffic and invest in SEO, or should you pay for advertising your site such as Google Adwords?

If you are running digital marketing campaigns, then you should know that SEO and Google Adwords are the most important components. Both have similarities and differences. There are times where you can use them both in your strategies or separately, depending on the standing of your business.

But first, you have to get the whole idea of what SEO and Google Adwords are all about. Google Adwords is owned by Google, where businesses can place their ads in Goggle Search Result pages, to other websites that are also using AdWords, and to other Goggle products such as Youtube and Gmail. It’s only applicable to Google, and this is a paid advertisement where you pay when the user click on your ad (pay per click) or when people view your ad (cost per mile).

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on the other hand is applicable for all search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) It has something to do with getting your website to rank on these search engines using your selected keywords. SEO brings more organic traffic as users have more trust in websites that rank on its own compared to the paid ones.

Now, there are questions on which is more relevant and which one is better? Well, this can’t be answered because, in reality, it really depends on some factors. You have to consider the current situation of your business, your business goals, and the marketplace.

For example, a local business with less competition and only requires a few clicks per week can be visible in local and organic search results by investing a little for SEO marketing. But a new e-commerce site that has a lot of competitors and also competing in results from eBay, Amazon, and other stores will likely have a hard time getting organic traffic; thus will need to invest in paid advertising such as Google Adwords at least in the beginning.

Overall, this will all depend on your marketing strategies. You need to understand your potential customers and how they are using the internet to search for what they want. You also have to analyze your business and do a lot of research. There is a need to look into your budget, your goals, and how you want to rank in search engines.

You see, SEO and Google Adwords should be seen as two powerful tools that you can use in your digital marketing tactics. You can use Adwords if you want traffic fast, and you need SEO for long term success.